Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room

The Broad Museum – Los Angles, CA

Exhibition: Yayoi Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room


This will be dedicated to the new installation: Kusama’s Infinity Mirrored Room, will be here until February 2016.

I reserved tickets early to be able to see it for myself. It’s a fantastic work of art! The building itself is unique and being inside is quite extraordinary. I have a few tips if you plan to go especially for the installation of Infinity Mirrored Room!

Since it’s opening reserved FREE tickets have been available but every time frame and date has been booked until next year, that’s crazy! First of all, you don’t actually need reserved tickets to enter the museum. You can go whenever it’s open and wait in the stand by line.

(WARNING: stand by line could be a long wait especially on weekends!)

Tip #1: The best option is try to reserve tickets at the earliest time available, why? Well if you planned your trip to the museum for the Infinity Mirrored Room you’re gonna want to come in the morning…trust me.

My tickets was set for a Saturday, Oct 24 at 11:30 am. Which was crazy coincidence, a month ago I didn’t know the entire area of Grand Ave.  was going to have a HUGE celebratory event so it was crazy packed.

Parking at the museum parking lot is about $12 without validation. Good for the entire day.


Tip #2: Once you enter the museum, FIRST thing you should do is check in and add your name for the Infinity Mirrored Room (yes, you need another pair of reserved tickets just for this installation, no choice.)

001It’s on the first floor of the museum, you will see a small computerized stand, this is where you check in and put your name in to enter the installation.

You will receive a text of the wait time (just like the image on the left)

When I went the wait time for the installation was already 311 MINUTES! That is 5 hours of waiting for this installation! I still put my name in because I didn’t really think it was going to take 5 hours…

The link in the text shows you how many people are ahead of you.

Tip #3: Don’t feel discouraged from the wait time, still enter your name if you can. 

If you come in later there is a chance you won’t be able to enter your name due to full capacity.

Tip #4: Be sure to bring headphones if you like to listen to audio of the each art collection. I forgot mines..

Looking through each individual art and walking through the entire museum can pass the time of more than 2 hours. I still had 3 hours left for the installation according to the text…what to do?

I sat and waited. I waited for at least an hour and with luck it was my time to enter the Room! HOORAY!

You will get another text message saying in 5 or 10 minutes to start IMG_0181walking to the installation, you check in with an attendant and then you wait in line, again.

Tip #5: If you’re able to go to the Infinity Mirrored Room, go in by yourself. 

A lot of people who are able to enter the Room go inside by themselves, probably just for the picture. You can go with your party but it’s pretty tight in their, I would say you can fit at most 3 people. The waiting in line will be extra 15 minutes or so since people go in one by one.

IMG_0210Tip #6: Have you camera/social media ready! 

You only get 45 seconds inside the room. That’s it.

You won’t need to really hurry for it but just have it ready on hand, like I said you only get 45 seconds inside! (another attendant times it.)

Once you get in, you get to see this:


It’s honestly an amazing experience, it’s a little trippy at first but then it feels endless. The amazing trick of mirrors and lights. Having only 45 seconds in the room and having to wait more than 3 hours, I have no regrets. It was a beautiful installation and worth the wait.



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