The Pie Hole: Los Angeles & Pasadena

The Pie Hole: Gourmet Pies & Coffee Shop in Los Angeles & Pasadena

The Pie Hole was established in Southern California in 2015 (there is no exact date under the About page), recently created to serve locals the best gourmet pies to go with their organic coffee. (comment below if you know when it was established)

“The Pie Hole offers sweet and savory pies along with other baked items that complement our organic coffee program featuring our house blends which are organic and Rainforest Alliance Certified and then roasted to exact specification.”


Living really close to both locations I decided to check it out. If you’re ever in Old Town Pasadena put this under your Foodie Bucket List. It’s a fantastic little shop with a great relaxing atmosphere. It reminded me of entering a Starbucks but more focused on selling pies than coffee.

The most talked about pie: Earl Grey

Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of 5)


The Earl Grey pie is scrumptious!! I wish I bought a whole pie just so I can share this marvelous taste of goodness. One slice of pie is more than enough for a person, as you can see workers sliced the pie generously. I split this with another friend and we barely were able to finish (we eat just before so that might have been the reason..)

The pie has this mix of whipped cream (which is the top layer) and the hint of earl grey –if you tried earl grey tea it’s kinda like that — then the best layer is the chocolate on the bottom!! Yum!! The crust was a little hard to dive into, it was semi hard but still added to the great taste. Pistachios are on the top in case you were wondering.

The great part about this shop is the ability to Order Online for Pickup or Delivery! It’s like ordering a pizza. Head to their website to learn more:

The Pie Hole menu changes seasonally and subject to change daily. Follow them on Facebook or Twitter to get all the specials and updates.

I’ll be coming back to try more delectable pies and coffees!!

Comment below if you were able to try the pies. Tell me what you think!


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