September 1

Photo a Day: Happy 

Location: Laguna Beach, CA 

Featured: My older sister and I 

Every time my sister and I hang out we always have a good time. From endless laughter over nothing to more serious talks about family, friends, or anything in life. We know we have each other.

She may live thousands of miles away we are able to keep in contact and make sure we’re there for each other. From the photo is looks like we’ve always been close but you would be surprised to hear that we fought all the time, especially when we were kids. It took a few years for both of us to grow and accept each other. Many friends, family, and strangers say we look like siblings tho we don’t we see it in our own eyes. We may look similar but our personalities are 100% opposite. It’s definitely a great balance and no matter how much she can drive me crazy, I’m so lucky and happy to have her as my older sister.

I challenge you to capture #Happy in a photo. #Your365Gem

Capture your moment.

I’m challenging myself to capture a photo a day, a 365 photo project. It’s a daily reminder to appreciate life. There may be days I’ll miss but I’ll try my best to capture the moment. I get a list of photo ideas from http://captureyour365.com, try it yourself. 


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