September 10

Photo a Day: Sunrise

Imagine waking up at 3 am to run a 5K marathon?! It’s possible. Trust me.

Featured: Dazzle at Dawn 5K Run/Walk Marathon 

Disneyland Resort & Disney California Adventure 

I woke up 3:00 am, got ready and picked up my partner in crime.

Arrived at the park 4:00 am.

Started the run at 5:00 am.

Finished the run before 6:00 am.

I can mark off my bucket list: Running a 5K Marathon 

Of course this isn’t a typical sunrise.. The sun won’t always rise like you see in pictures but being able to watch the night turn into day was amazing.

I challenge you to capture #Sunrise in a photo. #Your365Gem

Capture your moment.

I’m challenging myself to capture a photo a day, a 365 photo project. It’s a daily reminder to appreciate life. There may be days I’ll miss but I’ll try my best to capture the moment. I get a list of photo ideas from http://captureyour365.com, try it yourself.


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