Guillemro del Toro: At Home with Monsters Exhibition

Enter an exhibition dedicated to the extraordinary mind of Guillemro del Toro.

August 1, 2016 – November 27, 2016

Los Angeles County Museum of Art 

Fans of Hellboy (2004), Pan’s Labyrinth (2006), Pacific Rim (2013), and Crimson Peak (2015) will get a chance see special notes by del Toro himself, memorabilia from the movies, art inspired work, concept art, etc.img_0456

There are a few sections of the exhibition that are dedicated to each of his well known movies. The rest are dedicated to Frankenstein, a freak show, Disney inspired artwork, Edgar Allan Poe, and much more. Each section are all important factors in creating his world of imagination.

I enjoyed the display of work and the way it’s set up. The way the exhibit is created it to start by seeing death and to afterlife then you explore magic to horror and monsters. Many clips are shown from his movies along. You will hear eerie music play, random creatures appearing.




If you have never seen a del Toro movie I wouldn’t recommend going, I’m a fan of his work and really enjoyed myself. I spent a good 2 hours exploring the different works of art and props used in making the film.

Some of the material shown can be eerie, weird, and all together mysterious. Guillermo del Toro is a fantastic filmmaker; creating a world of fantasy. He really created his own monsters with the inspiration from many classic monsters.



I dare you to visit Guillermo del Toro’s: At Home with Monsters Exhibition. Tell me what you think. #GDTatLACMA

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Tickets: $25 – General Admission + Specially Ticketed Exhibition

The tickets doesn’t include access to the other exhibits. 

Buy tickets here

Parking: $14

Los Angeles County Museum of Art
5905 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Estimated Time: apx. 1.5 hours to see the entire exhibit




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