#Amuse Yourself 

September 24

Photo a Day: Amuse Yourself

Featured: Riverboat Landing Restaurant & Bar

Lately I felt life has been kicking me hard and I needed to find ways to amuse myself. I decided in less than a month that I will travel. Over the summer there were too many snaps of my friends traveling out of the state to visit Seattle, Chicago, New York, even traveling to South Korea and Hong Kong. I had to back down a trip to Seattle due to mixed up schedules. So when will it be my turn?

I’m an adult now and I have payments due like bills and loans but heck my responsibilities are very slim. I don’t have to pay mortgages or pay for my car. I chose to travel by myself to North Carolina. I wanted to feel like an adult and I can handle the responsibility of paying and booking my flight ticket.

I challenge you to capture #AmuseYourself in a photo. #Your365Gem

Capture your moment.

I’m challenging myself to capture a photo a day, a 365 photo project. It’s a daily reminder to appreciate life. There may be days I’ll miss but I’ll try my best to capture the moment. I get a list of photo ideas from http://captureyour365.com, try it yourself.


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