FREE Admission at Natural History Museum on Tuesdays

Museum Free Days

Receive free admission the first Tuesdays of every month (except summer: July and August) and free admission every Tuesday in September



Highlights of some permanent exhibits:

African Mammals


Dinosaur Hall

Explore over 300 fossils, 20 dinosaurs including the world’s only Tyrannosaurus rex growth series!


Becoming L.A.

a 500 year history about how Southern California went from tiny pueblo to sprawling metropolis.

You can find Scarlet O’Hara’s famous dress from Gone with the Wind here!



Special Ticketed Exhibits: *Free Museum admission does not include specialty ticketed items

Butterfly Pavilion

from Sept 16 – Oct 16, 2016
Enter a butterfly wonderland with 30 different species

Admission: $5

You’re only allowed 30 minutes in the pavilion but it’s more than enough time to check out all the butterflies. They provide you a list with images of the butterflies and there are usually 3-4 employees to answer your questions and help identify each butterfly.

It’s really fun for kids, they get really excited when they spot a butterfly, and adults. It’s really like a scavenger hunt trying to spot a different type of butterfly, some camouflage to the ground while others fly around you can hardly tell what they are.


Spider Pavilion

from Oct 30 – Dec 11, 2016

Admission: TBD



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