Day 2: San Diego Weekend Trip

Looking for ideas while in San Diego? Check out my weekend itinerary.



100% organic coffee and tea. Our first stop is coffee.. day 1 was a long day and night! We needed to recover. This place is less than 10 mins away from Coronado Island so we grabbed it to go and drove straight to the beach!

  • Hotel del Coronado – Coronado Island 


My life is the beach! We drove in the morning so there was still overcast and it’s a bit warm at the same time but this place is beyond gorgeous!! The waves are huge which is great for surfers, there are so many activities you can do on this island.

Some locals of SD have said that those who live on the island don’t really associate themselves as part of San Diego and I can see why.. crossing that bridge you feel this island is the only thing in existence.

If I had the money I would totally love to stay a couple of nights on Hotel del Coronado just to get that beach vibe and getaway. It’s breathtaking to have the beach right at your doorstep.

  • Hillcrest Farmers Market 

(opens only Sunday, 9 am – 2 pm)

We spent the most of our time again at a farmers market, it’s much bigger than Little Italy Mercato. The vibe is very different, it feels more of swap meet but with a lot of fresh, organic food/drinks.

I bought a few items that I have only seen at the farmers market in San Diego: Bitchin’ Sauce, fresh bouquet flowers, porporri.



Rating: ♥♥♥♥♥ (out of 5)

Try one of their stuffed hash brown or stuffed cassava pie. It’s filling, it’s delicious, and it’s only made in San Diego!



Before we head back home we took one last time to try the coffee at Better Buzz. It’s only located in San Diego and as a coffee fanatic I had to try!

They have this drink called “Best Drink Ever, classic Americano with our signature creamy vanilla. I was bit skeptical on whether it would taste good or if it really led up to the name. Surprisingly, it’s a good mixture between sweet and bitter. I ended up really liking the flavor and overall vibe of the place. The coffee isn’t like any other I’ve had so it kills me to know that it’s so far away! It’s a really great drink! I can’t say it’s the best drink ever since I’m still trying many other cafes, I will say it’s the best drink so far!


Places I still need to check out:


  • Phil’s BBQ
  • Tacos El Gordo (the best tacos I have ever tried, there is one located in Las Vegas)
  • Extraordinary Desserts
  • iDesserts


  • La Jolla Cove
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Hike Potato Chip Rock

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