From Kickstarter to Stores: PRYNT

Print photos from your phone..instantly!

Rating: ♥♥♥♥ (out of 5)

I would give it a 5 star but the ink on the prints are not coming out as well as I hoped. I want to believe it’s due to the being one of the few who purchased it back when it was on Kickstarter. I still love it, It was one of the best investments I made! I was able to create a wonderful photo collage with the prints.The constant update for the app is pretty rad.


Back when I purchased PYRNT from Kickstarter: 

If you check Kickstarter on a weekly basis I’m sure you have seen some amazing projects being funded. 1 year ago I funded this project – an instant print case from your phone.

It is now fully funded and fully available to purchase.

I was happy to fund for this project because I thought the idea was amazing! A case that will automatically print your pictures AND record at least 7 seconds of that snap. Count me in!! I loved polaroids since I was a kid but never got to own one myself.

Project fund: $99 (Back in 2015)

My set includes: 1 prynt case, 15 prints, 1 adapter, and 1 camera strap

Added Purchase: $25 for 50 pack of prints

Colors available: White, Black, Pink, and Blue


It took about a year until I finally was able to get my very own Prynt Case! I gotta say it was worth the wait!! It’s so amazing to use and so much fun!

If you have the iPhone 6s with the Live Photo feature, the case is similar to it. When you take the picture it will record a few seconds first and then take the picture. The big difference with this case is the ability to do this on Samsungs/iPhones (except for the Plus, sorry guys) AND your picture will be printed right on the spot!

The one thing to know about this case, you will need the app in order for it to fully work. If you purchase this case anytime, there is special instructions on how to download the app. It’s also built to change adapters so if ever you upgrade your phone there will be an adapter to purchase.


This is a great gift for photography lovers/enthusiasts, friend, boyfriend/girlfriend. If you’re thinking of getting the Fukifilm Instax, think twice! You might want to get this case instead!

Now Available to Purchase: II Urban Outfitters II Amazon

Price: $149.00



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